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Editorial illustrations

Game of Love

For an article about love as a topic in games. Collage of photo and drawing.

game of love

Science celebrities

For an about celebrity scientist in Norway. Collage of photo and drawing. astro

Cheating Pope

For an interview with a video game cheater. Since the person did not want his picture in print, I drew this cartoon instead. The papal vestments is a reference to the Norwegian idiom «juksepave» (a cheater).

cheating pope

Apocalypse Kitten

For an essay about various theories of how the world will come to an end. Drawing created with Adobe Photoshop.

apocalypse cat

Jon Bing

For an interview with science fiction writer, professor and elephant necktie enthusiast Jon Bing.

jon bing

Retro Software piracy

For a story about software piracy in the micro computer era.

retro software piracy